The Cat

The Cat Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a short story titled “The Cat,” which is about a boy named Jack who has a cat onesie that he adores. The story details how wearing the onesie makes Jack feel and act like a cat, including making cat-like sounds in different situations, such as meowing when called to dinner and purring when he gets a hug from his sister. The engaging narrative ends with a twist that Jack’s sister, influenced by Jack’s actions, now wants a real cat. Following the story, there are questions for the students to answer, focusing on what Jack’s onesie makes him look like and the various sounds he makes in response to everyday situations.

The worksheet is designed to improve reading comprehension in young students by asking them to recall details and understand cause-and-effect relationships within the story. The questions require students to connect Jack’s actions with his cat-like appearance and sounds, demonstrating their understanding of the text. This exercise helps students to pay attention to detail and to think about the characters’ perspectives. Additionally, by answering these questions, students practice their ability to express ideas in complete sentences, which is an important skill in both written and oral communication.