What’s Their Occupation?

What's Their Occupation?

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a recognition activity themed for International Women’s Day, inviting students to identify the occupations of several notable American women. The page is structured with a list of prominent figures, providing a line next to each name where students can write the role or occupation that each woman is known for. At the top, there is a space for the student to include their name, making the worksheet a personalized record of their knowledge.

The activity serves as an educational tool to highlight the achievements and contributions of these women to various fields, including politics, law, activism, and philanthropy. It is a way for students to connect historical and contemporary figures with their significant accomplishments and positions. This exercise not only tests the students’ current knowledge but also encourages them to learn more about these influential women and their impact on American society. The worksheet’s design is clean and straightforward, focusing the student’s attention on each woman’s name and allowing enough space for students to write comfortably. This type of worksheet is beneficial for social studies, history, and civics education, and it promotes awareness of gender equality and women’s history during the celebration of International Women’s Day.