This Year’s Theme

This Year's Theme

Worksheet Description

This simple yet meaningful worksheet is designed for International Children’s Book Day, aiming to engage students in a personal reflection about the day’s theme. At the top, there’s a space for students to write their names, adding a personal touch to the worksheet. The

title “International Children’s Book Day” is prominently displayed, underscoring the focus of the activity. The worksheet poses two open-ended questions: “What is this year’s theme?” and “What does this theme mean to you?” These questions are designed to stimulate critical thinking and personal connection to the event.

The first question encourages students to research or recall the specific theme of the year’s celebration, which fosters a global understanding of the importance placed on children’s literature. The second question offers a lined space for students to express their thoughts and feelings about the theme, prompting introspection on how children’s books have influenced their lives or the lives of others. This reflective exercise not only deepens the student’s engagement with the celebration but also allows them to appreciate the power and impact of storytelling.