Author’s Message

Author's Message

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is created for International Children’s Book Day and is designed to deepen students’ engagement with the books they read. The sheet begins with a section for the student’s name, followed by prompts to fill in the current year, the theme of International Children’s Book Day, and the host country. This introduces students to the global aspect of the event and situates their learning within a wider context.

The next section of the worksheet asks for the author and illustrator of a chosen book, encouraging recognition of the creative minds behind children’s literature. The core activity involves listening to the author’s message—perhaps a reading or a statement—and then writing down three words that describe this message, fostering attentive listening and critical thinking. Students are also asked to recall one thing from the author’s message and to reflect on why this point is memorable to them, promoting retention and personal connection to the reading material. This worksheet is an excellent tool for teachers to facilitate reflection on reading and to celebrate the richness of children’s literature on this special day. The layout is clear and user-friendly, providing a structured approach to literary appreciation.