Second Kitty

Second Kitty Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet depicts an image of a cat partially inside an open box, with the cat’s head and front paws emerging from the top. The instructions ask the student to color the image that is inside and then write the correct word, either ‘inside’ or ‘outside,’ in the boxes provided below the image. The worksheet combines a coloring task with a writing exercise, tailored to help students understand spatial concepts. It provides a clear visual cue for the student to determine the position of the cat relative to the box.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about the preposition ‘inside,’ as well as to reinforce their ability to recognize and understand spatial relationships. By coloring the image, students engage in a creative task that makes the learning process enjoyable. The writing portion of the worksheet aids in vocabulary development and helps to consolidate the student’s understanding of the word ‘inside’ by associating it with the correct image. Furthermore, this activity supports the development of fine motor skills through both coloring and writing.