Where Is It

Where Is It Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet contains four separate illustrations, each depicting a different scene with a question about the location of an object or character. For example, one image shows a house with the question “Where is the girl?” and two options to choose from: “Inside” or “Outside.” The students are instructed to read the sentence associated with each picture and circle the correct word that describes where the object or character is located. The images include a house, a brush, a butterfly with a jar, and a dog with a doghouse, all with the corresponding options to indicate whether the subject is inside or outside.

The worksheet’s objective is to teach students about spatial concepts by having them identify whether certain subjects are inside or outside. It encourages reading comprehension as the students must read the question and understand the context before making their choice. This activity also serves to enhance the children’s vocabulary related to locations and prepositions. Moreover, it supports critical thinking by requiring the child to analyze the visual information and make decisions based on that analysis.