The Mystery Of Stonehenge

The Mystery Of Stonehenge

Worksheet Description

This Informational Text Comprehension worksheet invites students on a captivating journey into the mysteries of Stonehenge, an iconic archaeological site. Through the provided informational text, students will explore the history, purpose, and enduring enigma surrounding this ancient monument.

The worksheet commences by instructing students to read the informational text attentively, emphasizing the importance of gaining insights into the captivating world of Stonehenge. The text covers various aspects, including its construction, cultural significance, and scholarly debates.

Following their reading, students will engage in comprehension questions designed to test their understanding of the text. These questions prompt students to recall and reflect on the information presented, fostering critical thinking and knowledge retention.

This exercise not only enhances reading comprehension skills but also introduces students to the intriguing history and mysteries of Stonehenge, enriching their appreciation for ancient civilizations and the enduring allure of the past.