In Abe’s Words

In Abe's Words

Worksheet Description

The worksheet features a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln, focused on the themes of commitment to truth and effort over the assurance of victory or success. Students are asked to interpret the meaning of the quote and to explore whether Lincoln’s life reflected these ideals. The worksheet provides lined space for writing an explanatory response and includes an illustration of Lincoln, which adds a visual reference to the task. It is designed for students to reflect on Lincoln’s values and how they influenced his actions and decisions.

The worksheet aims to teach students about the importance of moral character and integrity, using Lincoln as an exemplar. It encourages critical thinking by having students analyze the quote and apply it to Lincoln’s life, assessing historical evidence to determine how his principles guided his presidency. This exercise also promotes the development of written expression and comprehension skills, as students must articulate their understanding of the quote and support their viewpoints with historical context or specific examples from Lincoln’s life.