From “You” To “I”

I Statements #6

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a structured activity that guides individuals in reframing accusatory “you” statements into “I” statements to express personal feelings responsibly. It presents a series of common accusatory statements, such as “You don’t trust me,” and asks the user to rephrase these into “I” statements that express how they feel, the action by the other person that prompts this feeling, and why it causes them to feel that way. The aim is to transform potentially confrontational statements into expressions that are less likely to be met with defensiveness. By completing this worksheet, individuals practice taking ownership of their emotions and communicating in a more effective and empathetic manner.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the importance of speaking from their own perspective to avoid blame and foster understanding in communications. It demonstrates how to express concerns and feelings without making the other person feel attacked, which is a key component of constructive dialogue. Students learn to identify the impact of others’ actions on their feelings and to communicate this impact in a way that is centered on their own emotional response. This skill is essential for building healthy relationships and for conflict resolution.