Interpersonal Situations

I Statements #4

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered around the use of “I Statements” to communicate personal feelings in response to specific scenarios that may be troubling or irritating. It provides a template for the user to articulate their emotions by completing sentences that describe how they feel in various situations, such as someone calling multiple times a day, asking for unwanted favors, or interrupting during meetings. The sentences are structured to help the user express their feelings directly, the actions of the other person that led to these feelings, and the reasons why these actions are affecting them. This format allows for clear and personal expression without casting blame on the other person.

The worksheet teaches students how to express their emotions constructively when faced with challenging interpersonal situations. It encourages them to identify and articulate their own feelings, understand the impact of others’ actions on their emotions, and communicate this in a non-confrontational way. By using “I Statements,” students learn to take ownership of their feelings and communicate their boundaries effectively. This is a key skill in developing emotional intelligence and maintaining respectful and clear communication with others.