Christmas Day I Spy

Christmas Day I Spy Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a festive “I Spy With My Little Eye” activity centered around Christmas Day. It displays a cheerful array of Christmas-related images, such as ornaments, snowflakes, stockings, and gifts. The students’ challenge is to count the number of times each image appears and to write that number in the boxes below the grid, each box corresponding to one type of image. The worksheet combines the spirit of the holiday season with a fun counting task, engaging students with colorful graphics.

The worksheet aims to teach students counting and number recognition within a holiday theme. It encourages attention to detail as they differentiate between similar festive images to determine the correct count for each one. Writing the numbers in the boxes provides practice in number formation and associates the visual count with numerical representation. This activity also offers an opportunity to discuss holiday traditions and symbols, potentially enriching the students’ cultural knowledge.