Over The Boxes

Over The Boxes Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a handwriting practice sheet tailored for young students learning to write their names. The worksheet prompts the child to identify the starting letter of their name and the total number of letters it contains. There are three different sections for name writing: one with a blank line, another with a label saying “My name is:” followed by a box to fill in, and a third section with individual boxes for each letter of the child’s name. A cartoon character adds a playful element to the page, making the learning process more engaging.

This worksheet is designed to teach students how to recognize and write the individual letters of their name. It begins by encouraging awareness of the specific letters their name starts with and the length of their name. The varied sections for writing provide practice in letter formation and spacing within the context of writing their own name. Additionally, breaking down the task into smaller steps, such as placing one letter in each box, helps to build confidence and reinforces the concept of sequencing in writing.