Name and Picture

Name and Picture Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a simple activity designed for young learners to practice writing their name and expressing themselves through drawing. At the top, there’s a space labeled “My name is:” where children can write their name. Below this section, there is a large decorative frame with the prompt “Here is my picture,” which provides a space for the child to draw a self-portrait or an image of their choosing. The design includes a whimsical pencil illustration, indicating the writing aspect of the task.

This worksheet teaches two fundamental skills: handwriting and self-expression through art. Writing their name helps students learn to identify and form letters, and it reinforces their understanding of their own identity. The drawing area allows them to practice their fine motor skills and encourages creativity as they decide what image to create. The combination of writing and drawing in a single worksheet also provides a holistic approach to learning by integrating literacy and artistic expression.