Name Tags

Name Tags Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a name-writing activity that provides six name tag outlines with the phrase “Hello! My name is:” printed on each. The tags are designed with wavy borders, making them visually appealing for children. Students are instructed to write their name in each name tag, providing multiple opportunities for handwriting practice. This worksheet format is not only functional for learning but also can be used for creating actual name tags for events or classroom settings.

This worksheet is focused on teaching students to write their name clearly and confidently. The repetition of the task is intended to reinforce the student’s ability to write their name, which is a basic yet essential skill for personal identification and literacy. By replicating their name across several tags, students practice consistent handwriting and become familiar with the letters that compose their name. The potential for the tags to be cut out and used also adds a practical application to the exercise, giving the children a sense of accomplishment and purpose in their writing.