Object Scavenger Hunt

Object Scavenger Hunt

Worksheet Description

This ‘How to Catch a Leprechaun’ worksheet invites students to explore the story’s world by identifying and illustrating various objects based on their characteristics.

Students are prompted to:

  • Locate and draw a hard object they find in the book.
  • Find and illustrate a soft object from the story.
  • Identify and depict a smooth object mentioned in the book.
  • Discover and sketch a rough object that appears in the narrative.
  • Recognize and draw a transparent item featured in the story.
  • Highlight and illustrate a waterproof object present in the book.

This activity encourages students to engage with materials, textures, and objects described in the story, fostering their observational and artistic skills while connecting with the narrative’s world of leprechaun mischief.