Bullying In Schools

High School Writing Prompt #9

Worksheet Description

This High School Writing Prompts worksheet tackles the issue of bullying in educational settings by asking students to evaluate the effectiveness of schools’ efforts to prevent bullying. The worksheet prompts students to consider and write about the strategies schools employ to combat bullying and to express their opinion on whether these measures are sufficient. The lines provided are for students to construct a written response, offering them the chance to explore a significant social issue that impacts many students’ lives.

The worksheet is designed to teach students critical analysis and persuasive writing by having them assess anti-bullying initiatives and their outcomes. It encourages them to think about policy, implementation, and the social dynamics of their school environment. This task also helps students develop their ability to formulate and express informed opinions on complex real-world issues. Additionally, the exercise invites students to engage with a relevant topic that may affect them or their peers directly, fostering empathy and awareness.