Horror Movies

High School Writing Prompt #6

Worksheet Description

This High School Writing Prompts worksheet addresses the topic of horror movies and their appropriateness for young children. Students are asked to consider whether it should be a crime to show horror movies to young children, to reflect on what they believe is an appropriate age to watch horror movies, and to define what the genre of “horror” means to them. The worksheet provides lines for students to write an essay or opinion piece, encouraging them to think critically about media influence, child development, and genre classification.

The worksheet is designed to teach students critical engagement with media and its effects on different age groups. It encourages them to analyze and articulate their thoughts on age-appropriate content, legal implications of media exposure, and the subjective nature of genre definitions. This exercise aims to enhance students’ argumentative writing skills by prompting them to build a case supported by reasons and examples. Additionally, it fosters a deeper understanding of how personal and societal values influence perceptions of media content.