Extracurricular Activities

High School Writing Prompt #14

Worksheet Description

This High School Writing Prompts worksheet poses a question about the eligibility of students with failing grades for participation in extracurricular activities. It encourages students to think critically about academic standards in relation to extracurricular involvement and to articulate their opinion on whether academic performance should influence a student’s right to participate in such activities. The provided lines are meant for students to construct a well-thought-out essay or argument, taking a stance and backing it up with reasons and possibly personal beliefs or experiences.

The worksheet is designed to teach students to evaluate policies and practices within the educational system critically. It aims to enhance their persuasive writing skills by requiring them to present a clear argument on a debated issue. This task also encourages them to consider the broader implications of extracurricular activities on student development and school culture. Additionally, by reflecting on this subject, students are prompted to think about the balance between academic achievement and holistic education.