Healthy Society

High School Writing Prompt #13

Worksheet Description

This High School Writing Prompts worksheet asks students to ponder and write about the balance between a healthy economy and the health of the people in a society, with a focus on current American priorities. It challenges them to think about whether one is being chosen over the other and if that should be the case. The prompt provides space for students to express their views in a written format, encouraging them to evaluate the importance of economic health versus public health and to justify their stance on which should be prioritized.

The worksheet teaches students to critically evaluate societal values and priorities, especially in the context of American society. It encourages them to analyze complex issues that affect both individual well-being and the collective state of the nation. This task also aims to enhance students’ argumentative writing skills, pushing them to support their viewpoints with reasoned arguments and relevant examples. Furthermore, the exercise promotes civic awareness by asking students to consider the implications of these priorities on a larger scale.