Junk Food

High School Writing Prompt #12

Worksheet Description

This High School Writing Prompts worksheet explores the issue of dietary habits, specifically the consumption of junk food by children. It challenges students to contemplate whether it should be a crime for parents to feed their children too much junk food and asks them to consider how one might determine what constitutes “too much.” Students are provided with lines to compose an essay or argument, prompting them to think critically about health, parenting, legal boundaries, and personal responsibility.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students to analyze complex, real-world issues and to express their opinions through persuasive writing. It encourages them to engage with topics of public health and to consider the implications of legislating personal behavior. By writing on this subject, students learn to construct arguments backed by logic, evidence, and ethical considerations. Additionally, the task prompts them to reflect on the role of individual choice versus government regulation in matters of health and well-being.