School Rules

High School Writing Prompt #10

Worksheet Description

This High School Writing Prompts worksheet invites students to think critically about the rules in their educational environment. The prompt asks them to consider what single school rule they would create, change, or eliminate if they had the power to do so, and to elaborate on the reasons behind their choice. It provides lined space for students to write an essay or argument, encouraging them to reflect on the impact and effectiveness of school policies and to advocate for change based on their personal beliefs and experiences.

The worksheet is intended to empower students to evaluate their school’s rules and the governance of their educational space critically. It teaches them to consider the rationale behind school policies and to articulate their ideas for improvement. This task also encourages students to engage in problem-solving and to propose thoughtful solutions, enhancing their argumentative writing skills. Furthermore, by considering the potential changes they would make, students learn about the importance of policy in shaping a community and the value of student voice in the educational process.