Henry’s Hoard

Henry's Hoard Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The “Henry’s Hoard – Coin Sorting Challenge!” worksheet invites students to help a character named Henry sort coins he discovered in a lost treasure chest. With vivid illustrations of pennies, nickels, and dimes, the worksheet provides a visual and interactive approach to learning. Students must identify each coin and place it in the correct category, aiding Henry in organizing his newfound wealth. The activity is designed to be both educational and entertaining, turning the task of learning about money into a playful adventure.

This worksheet teaches students the fundamental skills of identifying and comparing different denominations of US currency. It engages students in active learning by asking them to sort coins based on their value and physical characteristics, such as size and engravings. The exercise enhances students’ familiarity with money, a practical skill for their daily lives, and improves their attention to detail. Additionally, by contextualizing the sorting activity within a story about treasure, it captures students’ imagination and makes the learning process more engaging.