Think and Draw

Think and Draw Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a creative activity page where students are encouraged to draw objects based on their weight. There are two large rectangles provided for the drawings, with the instructions above each: one prompts the student to “Draw an object that is heavy,” while the other asks for an object that is “light.” This open-ended task allows children to think of and illustrate items from their own perspective and understanding of weight. The worksheet’s layout is simple and clear, providing ample space for the student to create their own images.

The worksheet is designed to help students apply their knowledge of the physical property of weight in a practical and engaging way. By asking them to draw, it encourages creativity while also reinforcing the concept of heavy versus light objects. This task promotes critical thinking as students must decide for themselves which objects to illustrate based on their understanding of the weight of different objects. Additionally, it aids in developing their drawing skills and the ability to express abstract concepts like weight visually.