he Great Challenge

he Great Challenge Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet invites students to embark on a numeric adventure where they assist a line-up of cheerful cartoon children in a coin comparison quest. Each section depicts two children holding different combinations of pennies, nickels, and dimes, challenging the student to count and compare the amounts. After tallying up the coins for each character, students are prompted to discern who has more money by placing the appropriate greater than, less than, or equal to symbol between them. The playful visuals serve to engage students, turning what could be a mundane counting task into an entertaining game of monetary mastery.

The purpose of this worksheet is to strengthen students’ ability to identify and count coins, an essential skill in early financial literacy. It encourages the practice of basic arithmetic by adding the values of the coins, fostering numerical fluency. Furthermore, the worksheet introduces students to comparative reasoning, asking them to analyze and apply greater than and less than concepts. By completing this activity, students not only improve their math skills but also gain confidence in money handling and value comparison.