Putting It Together

Putting It Together Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning activity focused on the color grey, designed for young learners to practice color recognition and writing. At the top, there is a space provided for students to practice writing the word “grey” with lined handwriting guides to aid in letter formation. Below the writing exercise, there is an assortment of different line drawings of objects and animals including a trophy, a rhinoceros, a rat, a dolphin, a crab, a pair of pants, and a spoon. The instruction prompts the student to color only the object that is typically grey.

The purpose of this worksheet is to strengthen students’ ability to identify and associate the color grey with objects that are commonly that color in the natural world. Through the writing exercise, it reinforces the spelling and recognition of the word “grey” as a color word. The coloring task requires students to apply their understanding of color recognition to select the appropriate item to color, which in this case would be the rat and potentially the dolphin, depending on context. This exercise not only teaches color and word association but also enhances fine motor skills through writing and coloring.