Grade 5

Grade 5 Division Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a set of division word problems tailored for fifth-grade students, incorporating everyday contexts to help students apply division in practical situations. The problems involve a variety of scenarios such as distributing cookies into bags for a bake sale, dividing books among classrooms, and organizing athletes into equal teams. Each question requires students to divide a total number by a given divisor to find out how many items or people are in each group or category. The worksheet includes engaging illustrations, such as a cookie and a bouquet of flowers, to visually represent some of the scenarios described.

The purpose of this worksheet is to reinforce students’ division skills and to demonstrate the application of division in real-world contexts. It teaches students to evenly divide quantities, fostering an understanding of fair distribution and problem-solving. These division problems also help students develop their critical thinking by requiring them to interpret scenarios and calculate the division of items or people. Additionally, the worksheet serves to enhance the students’ numerical literacy and their ability to deal with quantitative information in various aspects of daily life.