Grade 3

Grade 3 Division Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a series of division word problems geared toward third-grade students. Each problem involves a practical scenario where students must divide items or quantities evenly among a group. Scenarios range from sharing apples among friends to distributing stickers, muffins, books, and candies. The worksheet features a friendly cartoon apple character, which along with the design, aims to make the math problems more appealing and less intimidating for young learners.

The goal of the worksheet is to strengthen the students’ division skills by applying them to everyday contexts. It teaches students how to divide objects into equal groups and calculate the number of items each group should receive. The problems encourage critical thinking and the practical application of division, helping students understand the concept of fair sharing. By providing relatable scenarios, the worksheet also helps students grasp the relevance of division in daily life, thereby building a foundation for their future math education.