Endangered Species

Endangered Species Geometry Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a series of geometry word problems with a theme centered on endangered species. It features tasks that involve calculating the area and perimeter of wildlife reserves, the path of a bird’s flight, the dimensions of habitats, and the tracking of animal movements. Students are given scenarios such as creating enclosures for tortoises, tracking a tiger’s movement, and building platforms for sea turtles, requiring them to apply their understanding of basic geometry to conservation-related challenges.

The educational goal of this worksheet is to teach students how to apply geometric concepts—such as calculating area, perimeter, and angles—to real-world environmental and conservation issues. It engages students in critical thinking by asking them to solve problems that have ecological relevance, thus connecting mathematical skills with a greater awareness of the natural world. Through these exercises, the worksheet aims to enhance students’ spatial reasoning and numerical calculation abilities, while also imparting a sense of the importance of wildlife conservation.

Example Problems

1. A wildlife reserve is creating a rectangular enclosure for endangered tortoises. The enclosure measures 40 meters in length and 20 meters in width. Calculate the area of the tortoise enclosure in square meters.

2. A biologist is tracking the flight path of a critically endangered bird. The bird flies in a straight line for 2 kilometers before changing direction by 60 degrees. How far does it fly after changing direction?

3. A nature reserve is building a circular pond for a population of endangered frogs. If the pond has a radius of 10 meters, calculate its approximate area in square meters.

4. A wildlife biologist is studying the habitat of endangered sea turtles. The shape of the study area is a regular hexagon with sides measuring 15 meters each. Calculate the perimeter of the study area in meters.

5. A conservationist is measuring the height of an endangered tree species. If the tree casts a shadow of 8 meters when a 6-meter pole casts a shadow of 4 meters, what is the height of the tree?

6. A zoologist is observing a group of endangered rhinoceroses in the wild. The rhinos form a straight line, with the first rhino located 20 meters from the observer. If the last rhino is 10 meters from the first, how long is the line of rhinos?

7. A park ranger is constructing a triangular nesting platform for endangered eagles. If the platform’s base measures 12 meters and its height is 9 meters, calculate the platform’s area in square meters.