Skateboarding Geometry Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a collection of geometry word problems with a skateboarding theme. It includes a variety of problems that involve calculating the area, circumference, and volume of different shapes associated with skateboarding, such as ramps, pipes, and pools. The students are tasked with solving problems that a skateboarder might encounter, like figuring out the area of a ramp they are building or the volume of a cylindrical grind rail. Each problem is infused with skateboarding culture, aiming to engage students with interests in action sports.

The goal of the worksheet is to teach students geometric concepts through practical applications in a context they might find appealing. It focuses on reinforcing the understanding of how to calculate areas of rectangles and squares, circumferences of circles, and volumes of cylinders. This worksheet also aims to enhance the students’ ability to apply mathematical formulas to solve real-world problems. By using skateboarding as a backdrop, it seeks to capture students’ interest and show the relevance of geometry in sports and leisure activities.

Example Problems

1. A skateboard ramp has a triangular shape with a base of 10 feet and a height of 8 feet. Calculate the area of the ramp in square feet.

2. A skateboarder is performing tricks on a circular halfpipe with a radius of 6 meters. Determine the circumference of the half-pipe in meters.

3. A skate park features a rectangular pool with dimensions 20 meters by 12 meters. Calculate the perimeter of the pool in meters.

4. A skateboarder is practicing on a square platform with sides measuring 5 feet each. Calculate the area of the platform in square feet.

5. A skateboarder is riding on a circular skateboard ramp with a radius of 7 feet. Determine the area of the ramp in square feet.

6. A skate park is designing a triangular grind rail with a base of 2 meters and a height of 3 meters. Calculate the length of the grind rail in meters.

7. A skateboarder is practicing on a quarter-pipe with a semi-circular shape and a radius of 5 meters. Calculate the circumference of the quarter-pipe in meters.