Circle The Name

Fruit #2

Worksheet Description

The “Fruit” worksheet is a colorful educational resource designed to test students’ knowledge of various fruits. Each numbered question on the worksheet features a colored illustration of a single fruit. Next to the illustration, there are two to three options of fruit names written in text.

The student’s task is to circle the correct name that matches the illustrated fruit. This simple multiple-choice format is accessible for young learners and serves as an excellent tool for reinforcing both fruit vocabulary and recognition.

The worksheet includes a variety of fruits, ranging from common ones like apples and bananas to those that may be less familiar to some students, like cherries and grapefruits. By providing a choice of names for each fruit, the worksheet encourages critical thinking as students must discern between similar options.

This activity is well-suited for use in classrooms, particularly for subjects such as science, health, and nutrition, where understanding different types of fruits can be part of a larger lesson on healthy eating habits. It’s also a valuable resource for parents who wish to engage their children in learning about foods at home.