From the Start

From the Start Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features the opening sentence of the Declaration of Independence and asks students to reflect on why the writers began the document in this particular way. It provides the initial passage which explains the necessity for one people to dissolve political bands with another and to explain the reasons for their separation. Students are prompted to consider the significance of declaring the causes which impel them to separation. The task encourages a deeper understanding of the intentions and historical context behind the American colonies’ decision to break away from British rule.

The worksheet is designed to teach students critical thinking and interpretive skills by analyzing the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. It encourages students to explore the rationale behind the American colonies’ desire for independence and the importance of justifying their actions. By asking why the document starts as it does, the exercise prompts students to engage with the concepts of self-governance, natural law, and the philosophical foundations of the American Revolution. This activity aims to foster an appreciation for the diplomatic and ethical considerations that influenced the drafting of this seminal document.