First, Next, Then, Last

First, Next, Then, Last Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a sequential activity designed for students to illustrate and describe the major events of a short story in the order they occurred. It provides four large boxes connected by arrows, where each box represents a different part of the story timeline labeled with “First,” “Next,” “Then,” and “Last” from the word bank. Students are instructed to draw the events in each box and then use the words from the word bank to label the arrows, indicating the sequence of the events. There is also a space at the top for the student to write the title of the story they are analyzing.

The worksheet is teaching students to think critically about the structure of a narrative and to identify the sequence of events that compose a story. By drawing the events, students practice summarizing and visualizing the narrative, which can aid in their comprehension and retention of the material. Labeling the sequence of events with transition words helps them understand the temporal connections between events. This exercise also enhances students’ ability to organize information logically, a skill that is important for both reading comprehension and writing narratives.