Feeling Nature

Feeling Nature Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an educational tool designed to deepen students’ understanding of the literary device known as pathetic fallacy. It guides them through a series of questions that require definitions, comparisons with similar figures of speech, and an exploration of the device’s function and appropriate contexts for its use. The worksheet also challenges students to apply their knowledge creatively by writing their own sentence that exemplifies pathetic fallacy. This encourages students to not only recognize but also practice using the device in their writing.

The “Feeling Nature’s Narrative Worksheet” is teaching students about the intricate aspects of pathetic fallacy in literature. Through its questions, it prompts students to think about how pathetic fallacy is related to but distinct from other literary devices, such as personification and metaphor. It also invites them to consider the rhetorical purposes of pathetic fallacy, as well as the appropriate and inappropriate uses of this device. By composing a sentence using pathetic fallacy, students exercise their ability to infuse emotion into descriptions of the natural world, thus enhancing their creative expression in writing.