Label the Farm

Label the Farm Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is themed around farm animals and includes a series of black and white drawings representing things commonly found on a farm. There are images of a sheep, a barn, a dog, a bird on a nest, and a chicken. Below each image, there’s a blank line where students are instructed to write the name of each item, thereby labeling them. The top of the worksheet provides a space for the student’s name, and the bottom includes a “How Did You Do?” section with emoticons for students or teachers to provide feedback on performance.

The worksheet is intended to teach students vocabulary related to a farm setting, focusing on both animals and structures. It reinforces word recognition and the association between a word and its corresponding image. By writing the names of each item, students practice their spelling and handwriting skills, which are crucial for literacy development. The feedback section at the bottom of the page serves to engage students in self-reflection on their work or to receive assessment from their teachers.