Begins With

Begins With Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet, titled “Farm Animals,” is designed as a phonics activity for students to practice identifying beginning sounds in words. Each box on the worksheet contains a picture of a farm animal or related object, accompanied by a set of letters. The students are instructed to look at each image, say the name of the image out loud, and then color the circle with the letter that represents the correct beginning sound. The task combines visual recognition of the images with auditory recognition of the initial phonemes.

The worksheet teaches students to connect sounds with their corresponding letters, which is an essential skill in learning to read and spell. By saying the name of the image out loud, students practice their pronunciation and auditory processing of sounds. Coloring the circle with the correct letter reinforces letter recognition and helps solidify the association between sounds and their written forms. The “How Did You Do?” section at the bottom encourages self-assessment, allowing students to reflect on their understanding of the concept.