What’s My Name

What's My Name Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet titled “Farm Animals” presents a series of black and white drawings of various farm animals and figures in farmer attire. Each illustration is placed within its own box with a blank space provided underneath for writing. The objective for the student is to identify each farm animal or character and write its name in the space provided below the image. The title “Animal names” suggests a focus on vocabulary related to farm life, and the “How Did You Do?” section at the bottom allows for self-evaluation or teacher assessment.

The worksheet is designed to enhance students’ knowledge of farm animal names and associated characters, thereby building their farm-related vocabulary. It encourages the practice of writing, aiming to improve spelling and handwriting skills as the children transcribe the names they associate with each picture. By labeling the images, students also reinforce their memory of animal names and the roles of different characters on a farm. The feedback section at the bottom provides an opportunity for self-reflection or for educators to give input on the students’ performance.