Complete the Rule

Complete the Rule Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is designed to help students practice recognizing and formulating rules for patterns. It features several rows of colored geometric shapes, each row starting with a complete sequence and followed by one or more shapes outlined in dotted lines. The students’ task is to determine the pattern rule for each sequence and draw the next shape(s) in the pattern accordingly. By engaging in this exercise, children need to analyze both the shape and color components of the sequences to complete them properly.

This worksheet aims to teach students to identify the rule that governs a sequence of shapes and colors, which is a foundational skill in mathematics and logical reasoning. It helps develop the ability to discern relationships and sequences within a set of objects, a critical aspect of problem-solving. The activity also reinforces the students’ knowledge of geometric shapes and colors, while the act of drawing the shapes assists in improving fine motor skills. Additionally, articulating the pattern rule enhances verbal expression and cognitive processing related to patterns.