Express A Feeling

Exclamatory Words #13

Worksheet Description

This “Exclamatory Words” worksheet is tailored to assist students in understanding and applying exclamatory words in sentences to express strong feelings.

The worksheet begins with a brief explanation of what exclamatory words are and how they function within the structure of a sentence to convey heightened emotion, typically being punctuated with an exclamation point. It provides examples to illustrate proper usage, like “Yow! This water is cold!” or “Yikes! I lost my goggles!”

Following the introduction, the worksheet lists six sentences that depict everyday situations which might evoke a strong emotional response. These sentences are presented in a plain form, lacking any exclamatory words or special punctuation. The task for the students is to rewrite each sentence by adding an exclamatory word that appropriately intensifies the emotion of the statement.

This exercise not only reinforces the students’ understanding of how exclamatory words can change the tone of a sentence but also encourages them to think critically about word choice and emotional expression. The worksheet is a practical tool for educators to help students enhance their expressive writing skills and grammatical knowledge.