Include An Interjection

Exclamatory Words #11

Worksheet Description

This “Exclamatory Words” worksheet is designed to enhance a student’s ability to use interjections and exclamations in their writing effectively. The worksheet is divided into two parts.

In the first section, students are provided with four simple sentences that they must rewrite by adding an exclamatory word to convey a stronger emotion. They are also instructed to adjust the punctuation as necessary to reflect the added emphasis. This part of the activity requires students to think critically about how the addition of an exclamatory word can transform the tone and intensity of a sentence.

The second section of the worksheet features three different cartoon images, each depicting a character in a scenario that suggests a strong emotional reaction. Students are prompted to compose original sentences for each picture, incorporating an interjection that appropriately fits the context of the image.

This task helps students practice their creativity and reinforces their understanding of how interjections can be used to express sudden or strong feelings. The combination of sentence rewriting and creative writing makes this worksheet a versatile tool for teaching the nuances of emotional expression in language.