Explain Your Critique

Evaluating Speakers #8

Worksheet Description

The “Evaluating Speakers” worksheet is a reflective exercise designed for students to critique a speaker’s performance. The worksheet prompts students to detail the topic and list the key takeaways from the speaker’s presentation. It encourages students to actively consider what they have learned, thereby reinforcing the speech’s content. Further sections of the worksheet are dedicated to identifying the speaker’s strengths and weaknesses, guiding students to provide a balanced evaluation. This encourages a nuanced understanding of effective public speaking, recognizing the aspects that contribute to a compelling presentation as well as areas that may require improvement.

Additionally, the worksheet asks students to pinpoint the best attribute of the speaker, which could range from the speaker’s engagement with the audience to the clarity of their argument or the passion of their delivery. Students then provide an overall rating for the speaker, accompanied by an explanation for their assessment. This final evaluative step allows students to articulate their judgment based on specific criteria, fostering critical thinking and evaluative skills. The worksheet serves as an essential tool in educational settings for developing students’ abilities to listen critically and assess public speaking, which are key skills for their academic and professional futures.