Listening Closely

Evaluating Speakers #7

Worksheet Description

The “Evaluating Speakers” worksheet is a comprehensive tool intended to aid students in assessing the various components of a speaker’s presentation. This worksheet prompts students to analyze specific areas such as the speaker’s main claim, point of view, the evidence supporting their arguments, the ideas presented, what the speaker chooses to emphasize, and the tone of their delivery.

Additionally, there is a section dedicated to describing the speaker’s delivery techniques, including body language, voice, words used, and the overall impact of the speech. This encourages students to not only listen to the content but also to observe the nuances of delivery that influence the effectiveness of the communication.

This resource is designed to cultivate attentive listening and critical thinking among students, enabling them to give detailed feedback on public speaking performances. It emphasizes the importance of cohesion between what is being said and how it is presented. The final question asks students to reflect on the overall effectiveness of the speaker, allowing them to consolidate their observations and express their conclusions. Such exercises are essential in educational curricula, where the ability to critically evaluate information is as important as the ability to communicate effectively.