Out Of Five Stars

Evaluating Speakers #6

Worksheet Description

The “Evaluating Speakers” worksheet is a structured analysis tool designed to enhance students’ critical listening and evaluative skills. It directs students to systematically break down a speaker’s presentation by examining key elements such as the speaker’s main claim, point of view, evidence provided, ideas conveyed, areas of emphasis, and overall tone. This organized approach allows students to dissect the speech meticulously, providing a clear framework for understanding and assessing the effectiveness of the speaker’s communication.

Additionally, the worksheet delves into the use of rhetorical devices, with dedicated sections for ethos (credibility or ethical appeal), logos (logical argument), and pathos (emotional appeal). Students are encouraged to reflect on how these persuasive strategies are employed in the speech and to consider their impact on the effectiveness of the speaker’s message. At the bottom of the worksheet, there is an opportunity for students to provide a rating for the speaker, along with a space to elaborate on their overall evaluation. This reflective component is crucial, as it requires students to synthesize their observations and articulate a justified rating of the speaker’s performance, fostering deeper engagement with the content and delivery of the speech.