30-Second Intervals

Evaluating Speakers #3

Worksheet Description

The “Evaluating Speakers” worksheet is a targeted tool for assessing public speaking, designed to train students in the critical analysis of speech delivery. It segments a two-minute speech into four 30-second intervals, prompting students to rate their feelings about the speaker’s performance at each juncture and provide explanations for their ratings. This approach allows students to concentrate on different segments of the speech, making it easier to identify specific moments that stand out, whether positively or negatively, in terms of engagement and effectiveness.

In addition to the segmented evaluation, the worksheet includes a checklist where students can affirm or deny the speaker’s success in establishing credibility (ethos), making logical connections (logos), and appealing to emotion (pathos). These rhetorical strategies are foundational to persuasive speaking, and recognizing their use or absence is crucial in assessing the overall impact of a speech.

Through this exercise, students not only hone their listening and evaluative skills but also their understanding of rhetorical effectiveness. This worksheet is particularly useful for educators in fields such as communication, language arts, and debate, providing a structured format that encourages attentive listening and critical thinking.