Strengths And Recommendations

Evaluating Speakers #2

Worksheet Description

The “Evaluating Speakers” worksheet is a structured tool designed for students to analyze and critique various aspects of a speaker’s performance. It breaks down the speech evaluation process into specific components, including the opening, organization, closing, technique, body language, voice, word choice, and the overall impact of the speech. For each component, students are prompted to identify the strengths and provide recommendations for improvement. This format helps students approach the evaluation process in a detailed and systematic manner.

The worksheet encourages students to think critically about public speaking and presentation skills. By assessing the opening, students focus on how effectively a speaker grabs the audience’s attention. Organization pertains to the logical flow of ideas, while the closing looks at how memorable and conclusive the speech is. Technique, body language, and voice are about the execution of the speech, encompassing everything from gestures and posture to vocal clarity and modulation. Word choice examines the appropriateness and impact of the language used. Finally, students consider the overall effect the speaker has on the audience. This comprehensive method of evaluation fosters a deeper understanding of what makes a speech effective and teaches students the art of constructive feedback.