Illustrate What’s Talked About

Evaluating Speakers #13

Worksheet Description

The “Guest Speaker Evaluation” worksheet is a student-centric tool designed to facilitate the reflection and critique of a guest speaker’s presentation. The worksheet prompts students to actively engage with the speech by asking them to record what they learned, to identify and explain their favorite and least favorite parts of the speech, and thereby to assess the speaker’s impact and effectiveness. This structured feedback mechanism helps students process the speech content and articulate their personal reactions to it.

Moreover, the worksheet includes a creative component where students are asked to draw a picture of something the speaker discussed. This visual activity encourages students to process and interpret the information presented in a unique and personal way, further solidifying their understanding of the topic.

By combining written responses with a visual expression, the worksheet caters to different learning styles and ensures a comprehensive evaluation experience. It’s an effective tool for educators to gauge student engagement and comprehension following guest speaker events and can serve as a valuable feedback instrument for the speakers themselves.