Different Facets Of A Speech

Evaluating Speakers #11

Worksheet Description

The “Evaluating Speakers” worksheet is designed to systematically guide students in critiquing various elements of a speech or presentation. The worksheet is divided into sections that address different facets of speaking, such as the clarity and validity of the speaker’s claim, the strength and relevance of the evidence presented, the speaker’s point of view, and the overall tone of the speech. Other elements for evaluation include the speaker’s body language, word choice, the types of appeals made (emotional, logical, ethical), the structure and organization of the speech, the ideas presented, and the areas of emphasis.

By using this worksheet, students are encouraged to engage in active and critical listening, developing a keen understanding of what makes a speech persuasive and impactful. They learn to appreciate the nuances of effective communication, from the construction of arguments to the non-verbal cues that support the spoken word.

The worksheet fosters a comprehensive approach to evaluating speaking skills, prompting students to consider both the content and the delivery of the speech. This type of analysis is essential for students to refine their own speaking abilities and to become discerning listeners, capable of offering constructive feedback.