Originating Language

Etymology #9

Worksheet Description

The “Etymology” worksheet provides a scholarly approach to exploring the origins and meanings of English words that are derived from Greek or Latin. Students are prompted to look up a list of words and document the etymological background, including the originating language and the root meaning.

For example, they might investigate the word “commute” and discover it stems from the Latin root “mutare,” meaning to change, which could elucidate the word’s current meaning related to traveling back and forth.

This worksheet is structured to enhance students’ research skills, vocabulary, and understanding of language development. It includes a variety of words such as “immutable,” “permutation,” and “multimedia,” each chosen to illustrate how different English words can share common roots. In addition to filling out the chart, students are tasked with identifying the common root and its meaning for the first four words and then for the last three words.

This exercise not only broadens their knowledge of word origins but also helps them recognize patterns in word formation. The worksheet is decorated with an illustration of Greek columns, aligning the visual theme with the study of ancient languages that have shaped modern English. Engaging with this worksheet will empower students to make connections between words and understand the historical layers within the language.