Greek Roots

Etymology #8

Worksheet Description

The “Greek Root Words” worksheet is an educational activity designed to help students uncover the meanings of Greek prefixes and their influence on English vocabulary. The worksheet provides a list of Greek prefixes, such as “anthrop” and “aqu,” and asks students to write down the meaning of each.

This task encourages students to connect these roots with English words they are familiar with, like “anthropology” (the study of humans) and “aquatic” (related to water), enhancing their understanding of how these Greek roots form the foundation of many terms in science, medicine, and the arts.

Through this exercise, students explore various Greek roots that are common in English, such as “strat,” “narc,” and “byss,” expanding their vocabulary and appreciation for language. Each root is presented with a blank line where students are expected to write its meaning after researching or recalling their knowledge of the words that contain these roots.

The worksheet serves not only as a vocabulary builder but also as a bridge to understanding the historical depth of English lexicon. A playful illustration of a Greek philosopher adorns the worksheet, adding a touch of whimsy and connecting the exercise with the ancient origins of these words. Engaging with this worksheet will empower students to decode complex words and build a richer, more nuanced vocabulary.