Match To The Origin

Etymology #7

Worksheet Description

The “Etymology” worksheet is a captivating educational resource that encourages students to delve into the origins of various English words, tracing them back to their Latin or Greek roots.

The worksheet lists a selection of English words alongside a compilation of root words and their origins, challenging students to draw connections between them. For example, students are asked to match the word “monopoly” with its Greek roots meaning “single” and “sell,” revealing how the term came to describe exclusive control over a service or commodity.

The activity not only broadens students’ vocabularies but also enhances their understanding of the historical layers within the English language. By associating words like “noble” with its Latin root for “name,” or “visible” with the Latin root for “see,” students gain insights into how language evolves and how word meanings are deeply rooted in ancient languages.

The worksheet is designed to stimulate critical thinking and analytic skills, as students must consider both the meaning and the linguistic lineage of each word. An illustration of a classical column on the worksheet underscores the theme of ancient contributions to modern language. This worksheet is an excellent tool for teaching students about the etymological connections that bridge past and present languages.