Analyze The Clues

Etymology #6

Worksheet Description

The “Latin Root Words” worksheet is an instructive resource designed to deepen students’ understanding of the Latin roots that form the foundation of many English words.

The activity guides students through a series of clues that describe the use of English words derived from Latin. Students are tasked with identifying the Latin root that corresponds to the description provided. For instance, they will determine that the Latin root for “sharp” or “pointed,” as used in words like “acute” or “acuity,” is “acu.”

The worksheet is divided into five clues, each focusing on a different Latin root. Students must use their critical thinking skills to analyze the clues and reveal the roots for words related to doing, moving, flesh, and means. For example, they will learn that the Latin root for “move” is foundational to words such as “migrant” and “mobility.”

The worksheet is adorned with an engaging illustration of a knight, adding an entertaining element to the learning experience. By completing this worksheet, students will enhance their vocabulary and develop a greater appreciation for the history and structure of the English language. This educational task not only bolsters their language arts skills but also enriches their general knowledge of linguistic origins.